Shipping will be through Canada Post, unless they piss me off. Second choice is Santa - he needs work on his 364 off days.
I aim to ship your purchase the next day, unless I am on a beach vacation, grounded by my Nonna or got my foot trapped under a rock in the bush.
Shipping to the US will come, be patient my pretties.
If you live here in Toronto, email me to work something out.

SHIPPING OPTION CHOICE clarification & disclaimers:


Maybe a week + 1 day packaging/processing
The "Leave it up to the Gods" option for $5... that means that I will send through regular snaaaaiiillllll mail without any time guarantees, delivery confirmations or tracking. Neither you, nor I can track it. I have zero insurance on it. You may be trying to save $5-6 bucks, and I can respect a budget, but if you choose this one, there are no re-sends if it doesn't arrive (because there is no proof), and I won't be able to answer any questions as to when it will get there. You and I both are leaving in the hands of the Canada Post Gods.
CHOOSE THIS IF: You are one lucky-son-of-a-gun, likes cheap shipping and a true risk-taker.


2 to 9 days + 1 day for packaging/processing
Cool! Spend $10 and we both can track the parcel! There isn't an 'on-time guarantee,' but it'll get there if addresses are correct and your PayPal is a workin'. See link below for Canada Post's delivery timelines in more detail.
CHOOSE THIS IF: You're not in a hurry, but you like curry. I just wanted to rhyme.


1 to 2 days + 1 day for packaging/processing
A little bit more, a little bit faster. Fast & Cost-Effective - Tracking & Delivery Confirmations. See link below for Canada Post's delivery timelines in more detail.
CHOOSE THIS IF: You just like saying Xpresssssposttttt, you like getting stuff in less than a week, or scream in joy when you get a parcel.


Next day + a few hours for me to drop what I am doing and get it packaged/sent.
This means I will drop what I am doing (even if it's a carton of eggs or a child that is not mine) to package up your stuff! I will sprint to the nearest post office to get it in the mail! Maybe hop (my knee is still f'd). I will even tell the clerk that it's something that might save the world from mass destruction, and I'll let the beads of sweat drip from my forehead, publically, to emphasize the importance of your parcel. See link below for Canada Post's delivery timelines in more detail.
CHOOSE THIS IF: You forgot someone's birthday but still have a day, you drank too many Red Bulls and you think the whole world needs to catch up to you, or you simply cannot wait in anticipation of receiving some sexy stuff in the mail.

CLICK HERE to see Canada Post's Parcel delivery timelines, where I got my information from.

what are my thoughts on warranty?

Leather is a product that will age beautifully the more you rub it, and use it. In a non-gutter type of way. But you still have to take care of it.
RAWKK's products are meant to be kept out of the shower, even if he looks so soapy in there and all you want to do is jump his slippery bones. Please remove before showers, rings off before hand-washing and try not to yank too hard on it when the harness is strapped to the bed post from your RAWKK choker.
These are hand-made products, and I do use solid metals and quality materials, yet the lifetime of each are dependant on how much love you give them.
I will entertain a discussion and thorough, visual powerpoint presentation from you as to why you want a refund or replacement - but see my warranty page for more information.

BRACELET WARRANTY • See bracelet strength FAQ a bit lower. I'll maintain my 30 day warranty, and happy to re-string free of charge. Shipping to me is on you though. See note below for more info.


Sadly, no returns or exchanges on sale items. Those are final sale. Mostly because I don't want them back.

Similarly like other companies, I welcome you to ship any defective item back to me (at your cost), and I will assess the item to see if I can repair it, or if it is defective. I am happy to repair/replace rivets, snaps, and re-stitch anything, should it look like normal wear and not something subject to a chainsaw or intentional tampering. 

Do I have vegan leather products?

Not yet, but if there is a request for it, or a custom order, I'd be happy to source some out and use it instead.

Please provide many, many weeks for me to figure it out.

Nickel & Lead-free?

For the Jewelry: Yep, that's a pretty popular thing nowadays, and I do check before buying supplies that my metal-based hardware has that statement before purchasing. I can't guarantee one million percent on that, as I am not the original blacksmith, and am trusting my vendors as much as you trust me.

All other hardware (wallets, wallet/key chains): Some items are nickel plated, but these items aren't meant to be worn against the skin. ;)

what does rawkk mean?

RAWKK is badassery at its finest. It's you, it's me, it's the way you grab those clothes off the floor, put 'em on, and RAWKK down the street.
It's how you layer yourself in RAWKK gear, and make it part of your identity.

RAWKK is all the stuff I want to wear. As a girl who nearly loathes the typical female designs for bike and rocker styled fashion, I decided it was time to make my own. I may be making small items now, but just wait, as I want to get into biker clothing, gear and basically things that do not have flowers, swirls or pink shit on them.

RAWKK is a nod to me-self, known as KK to my crew and friends. My mother calls me so many other names when I scare her, so let's stick with KK. The 'RAW' part refers to raw leather. And then, "POW!" ... put RAW and KK together and you have a name that means so many things. And it's fucking cool too. If you don't think so, then RAWKK you.

the wrap around my wallet braid came loose.

This is a decorative wrap to hide the binding - your wallet chain is still secure! I make them as tight as I can, but sometimes, they may come loose or come off. I am happy to re-wrap it, FREE of CHARGE. You will have to give it to me in person, or mail it to me. CONTACT ME to make arrangements.

I can also mail you a little kit, with instructions if you want to re-wrap it yourself - it’s not too tricky! CONTACT ME.


Holy mother of goats! Pretty strong - I reef on the elastic to triple knot it, and it holds up. It's an elasticized silicone, same as what everyone else uses.
But what if I catch it on something?
First, ask yourself if YOU'VE EVER caught your watch or any bracelet ON something. No? Never. Huh. Weird. That answers that.
Second though, yea, it could happen, in that case, keep the beads, contact me for an address to mail them to (it's not expensive within Canada unless you throw in some potatoes & rocks you found beside the beads).
I will re-string, and ship back to you, free of charge
. ...For the first year - max of two re-strings. Have to put this in here for the ass-hats who like to take advantage. I'm reasonable though, always ask me!

I do try to pick the best materials I can find, and use semi-precious stones, and even glue the knots with flexible glue - but the cost is low for you, because I understand that these pieces aren't items meant to last 50 years. I mean, I hope so, but they may not. *sniff*