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Oop. Just me so far. Haven't convinced any of my pals to let me make money off of them.

I'm just one girl, not a fishing type of girl, but one girl, two hands. I can only make so much.
And the Fisherman.


Kristin kwasnica

A 29 forever, creative shit-disturber.
Designer, Biker, Home Chef, and un-trained writer.
Also NOT trained in parkour and I learned that the dumb way.
The smell of leather is nearly orgasmic to me, but I contain myself in public.
I want to keep everything I make, so this RAWKK shop is a challenge for my hoarding & selfishness.


The fisherman

Have to give him some credit.
He came with the site and I just can't get rid of him.
His patience and beauty inspires me. I still think fishing is boring though. LOOK. AT. THAT. So boring.
Oh, how I love you, The Fisherman.